Okuma NZ (Composite Developments) carries a full range of spare products for both its old and new reels. In most cases, we can service any Okuma reel and we do this in house with our own specially trained technicians.

We recommend regular servicing of your reels (depending on use, every 6-12 months) and use only authorised parts so your warranty remains valid.

We don’t aim to make money out of this service so charge a very reasonable fee to cover our costs and keep you fishing

A few tips to looking after your reel are;



Remove any sand after use

Do not leave covered in Saltwater

Wipe with freshwater/a damp cloth

Do not disassemble reel unless you are qualified to do so

Wipe over with an oil based lubricant

Do not leave in a rod holder which is prone to saltwater spray

Arrange regular servicing by a qualified technician (Composite Developments in house technician)

Do not spray with high pressure water as this will force water inside the reel

Wash reel the drag tight and Store reel with the drag loosened

Store reels in direct sunlight or hot areas


We don’t repair rods in house anymore however we do carry spare sections and a big range of spare tips. The best thing to do is get in touch with your local retailer or get in touch with us and we will work out a solution.

Any rods that are traded in or warrantied are fixed up annually (if they can be) and are sold off with the proceeds going to charity or an awesome cause like Legasea.

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